DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shortages Appearing Across America

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Video:  Shortages Appearing Across America – YouTube

There are shortages occurring across America

1) Planned Gas Shortage – the Gas Pipeline Company had to do some minor repairs on a Gas Line in Alabama and Gas Planned Gas Shortages went 300 miles in all directions

2) In Charlotte-Mecklenburg a Black Cop had to shot a Black Man who pointed a gun at him and the CIA sent in their Paid Rioters to shut the city down

3) Hanjin  Shipping is Bankrupt and what we have heard form several dealerships is to expect Car Part delays. Even spare parts to repair our Refrigerators, washers an d Dryers cannot currently be offloaded.

4) Someone took a shot at Putin and he is very upset — so — using the Phrase from our Current President “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste” the Pentagon – General Dunford  – ordered the US Air Force to bomb a Syrian Military Base, killing 69 Syrian Troops and – yes – Russian Troops as well

5) They cannot have an election with the Republican Presidential Candidate (Can ‘t say his name) leading by over 70 points. As it stands the current polls of likely voters stands at 75% to 5% with 20% undecided.

If Tru… wins the Fascists are out of power and they will do anything to stop this – including a full scale Nuclear War

BE READY FOLKS – The Shortages have begun.

Even the Food For Liberty we ordered has a 2 week delay at this time.

I pray every night that each and every one of you that watch our videos and read our stories qare ready for what is coming – even if it is only a Blizzard that lasts 60 days – that GOD guides yo uto be ready. .

We have in stock at this time is this:

1 Year’s worth of both Immusist and Citricare

IMMUSIST – Assist Your Immune System Today!


2) Three Months Food Supply with Food For Liberty and have ordered ion two more months supply – we eat this on a regular basis and bot have I lot weight.

Food for Liberty – Food is Life. Live well With NuManna

3) One Year  Supply of Get The Tea Life Change Tea and are currently ordering more Gymnema, Life Change Power Cleanse, Ocean Sleep (Jane Loves) Eighth Element and Sea Vegetables

Life Change Tea | Our Tea is #1!

4) A One Year Supply of Sea Weed fro Main Coast Sea Vegetable – two one pound packages of Triple Flake, Cost: $56.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Sustainably Harvested and Certified Organic

5) We are driving up to Uncle Harry’s next week and buying about 20 “Breathing Mixes” – 8 will go to our daughter in Montana for the Fall Fires to help her breath.

Breathing Mix | Uncle Harry’s Natural Products

We use this in out Water on our wood stove and our whole house smells nice

We are also buying a couple of Citronella oil for fleas. We put a couple of drops on our hands and rub our dog and cat down with it – no fleas for about 1 week and we spray  on our carpets – no fleas.

We will also be trying their  “Tooth Reminerlization Kit” starting next week.

Be Ready Folks and thank you – the smartest and most engaged, and one of the largest audiences in the world

Please pray that God shows YOUR family how to live well even thought these shortages are beginning to appear.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


Crews begin to dig out leaking gasoline pipeline, spill could be 336,000 gallons | AL.com

There was no Gas Spill: the holding ponds are not in the photo are they???

riots in charlottesville-mecklenburg – Google Search

Same CIA Nut Jobs start the riots in every city – it’s about sending rioters to FEMA camps….

This is what FASCISTS do – they round up the blacks, then they round up the Jews.

Image result for riots in charlottesville-mecklenburg

Panic Shopping! How a Blizzard Turns Us into Irrational Hoarders at the Grocery Store | MONEY

Just before a Snow storm on the East Coast as Supply Chains break:

Bombing Of Syrian Base By US:

U.S. Admits Airstrike in Syria, Meant to Hit ISIS, Killed Syrian Troops – The New York Times

Russia angry after US strike on Syrian soldiers – Al Arabiya English

For you Intel Geeks:

1) President Putin – the Attempts on your life will accelerate now that the Original Democratic Presidential Candidate has had a stroke(Her FAKE Collapse led her to have a Stroke) and her 3 clones, connected to her electronically – are also breaking down. All they have left are 2 Really Dumb clones.

2) President Xingpin of China – please – deal with Tru… he is an enemy to your enemies … you  currently Own and Control the Diebold Voting System – he will at least get your industrialists paid back and he will not give the frequencies on hot to grow Gold.  You do not want the current President to remain in office unless he turns back to God.

3) NATO Commanders – Curtis Scaparrotti, Bujar Nishai, King Philippe, Rosen Plevneliev…. DO NOT have any more planned bombings in Frankfurt of Berlin this next month. Every one will know they are planned NATO Bombings. Every one. Unless you are smart enough to rebel against your current handlers your leadership is scheduled to be replaced by Loo-A-Like withing 60 days and YOU will be terminated. Man up and deal with it. Your best bet: Arm the public and make them your allies. Full Disclosure or By By NATO Commanders. Not joking.

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shortages Appearing Across America


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