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Fact-Checking Snopes: Website’s Political ‘Fact-Checker’ Is Just A Failed Liberal Blogger

Popular myth-busting website Snopes originally gained recognition for being the go-to site for disproving outlandish urban legends -such as the presence of UFOs in Haiti or the existence of human-animal hybrids in the Amazon jungle…


Mainstream Media “War Of Lies” Against President Trump “Outwitted By Truth”

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December 23, 2016

Mainstream Media “War Of Lies” Against President Trump “Outwitted By Truth”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An interesting Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today detailing the initial aftermath of Donald Trump’s astounding victory over the international war criminal Hillary Clinton states that the United States mainstream propaganda media’s “war of lies” against America’s new leader are quickly being “outwitted by truth”—a reference to the iconic Russian poet Vladimir Vysotsky who in his famous writing The Parable About The Truth And The Lie most accurately described what these propagandists do by making “no difference at all between the Truth and the Lie…strip them both naked, you’ll never know who is who”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



Unfortunately for the Hillary Clinton supporting US mainstream media propagandists attempting to destroy President Trump with their “war of lies” against him, however, this report notes, America’s now powerful alternative news media has fought back and “outwitted by truth” these falsehoods nearly as fast as they are made up, and whose examples include:

·         A New York City college student of the Muslim faith cult who filed a hate crime hoax claiming that subway riders did not come to her aid when Trump supporters harassed her—but who then admitted that she made up this lie so she wouldn’t get in trouble for violating curfew.

·         A Chicago college student who claimed that a Trump supporter wrote her a homophobic e-mail—but who was expelled when her lies were exposed.

·         A Florida college student who reported to police that she’d been robbed by Trump supporters—but who was then arrested after she was discovered to have made this whole story up.

·         A Pennsylvania college student who reported that Trump supporters beat her up—but then refused to cooperate with the police who were exposing her lies.

·         Lies spread by Massachusetts college students claiming that two Trump supporters were spitting on them, but were found to be untrue when the police investigated.

·         A Michigan college student of the Muslim faith cult who claimed a Trump supporter threatened to remove her hijab and set her on fire was found to be lying by both the police and FBI.

·         A Mississippi African-American church that was burnt down and had written on it “Vote Trump” was discovered to have been done by a black member of that church.

Important to note about all of these lies against President Trump, MoFA experts in this report say, is that they were reported by the US mainstream propaganda media as being the truth—but when exposed by the American alternative news media as being lies, none of these elite media organizations retracted any of their “war of lies” articles.



Even worse, this report continues, as well as conducting their “war of lies” campaign against President Trump, these same mainstream propaganda media news organizations are, also, openly supporting America’s top fashion designers refusing to make an inauguration gown for his wife Melania, top artists demanding that his daughter Ivanka remove their paintings (which she owns) from the walls of her home, and the unleashing of thousands of “internet trolls” to disparage Ivanka’s products sold on Amazon.

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Snopes Given Access To Private Facebook Profile Data — Your News Wire

December 21, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Facebook has given “fact checking” website Snopes tools to snoop on private user data in the fight against the so-called ‘fake news’ problem.

An unnamed Facebook employee confirmed that the social media giant now use Machine Learning Algorithms to directly target independent media outlets and anything considered “alt right” in order to suppress those stories from appearing on a users’ newsfeed. reports:

The anonymous whistleblower also revealed that some staff members may be given behind-the-scenes access to Facebook user profiles.

This means that Snopes staff members may be given the ability to view, edit, or remove user posts and ban users from using the social media website as they see fit. released their own statement regarding this news stating:

Our goal is to help empower Facebook users to better control and enhance their own online experience, and we believe that increasing the flow and visibility of accurate, vetted information is one of the best ways to do that.”

In response to this troubling information, many conservatives have decided to boycott Facebook and Google, opting to use Bing and other social media sites that don’t openly censor their users.

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Facebook Empowers Far-Left Group to Bury “Fake News” — Infowars

Snopes political “fact checker” is a mouthpiece for Hillary Clinton & the Democrats

Facebook has announced it will empower Snopes, an organization with a clear left-wing bias, to bury so-called “fake news” on its news feed, a move that clearly opens the door for the outright censorship of conservative content and opinion.

“To combat fake news, Facebook has partnered with a shortlist of media organizations, including Snopes and ABC News, that are part of an international fact-checking network lead by Poynter, a nonprofit school for journalism located in St. Petersburg, Florida,” reports Business Insider.

This network will identify stories it deems to be “fake news” and then flag the URL, ensuring the story is buried in users’ news feeds and seen by significantly less people.

One of the organizations on the list tasked with burying “fake news” is Snopes, which represents a clear conflict of interest given that Snopes is clearly not impartial.

As the Daily Caller reported, Kim Lacapria, Snopes’ main political “fact checker,” describes herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. She has previously equated Tea Party conservatives with jihadists

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Opening the Black Box of America’s Propaganda Machine – Prepare for Change

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have doubled down recently on the games being played in cyberspace by America‘s cyber-warriors.

Snowden suggests that many of NSA’s most damaging malware programs are now in the hands of America’s opponents, thanks to enterprising foreign counter-intelligence hackers known as the Shadow Brokers. there will be more hacked bombshells to drop on Team Clinton, courtesy of weak security in Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign computer systems.

We have entered a new phase of cyber-warfare, one in which America’s (and Israel’s) most damaging computer hacking and disruption programs are available to anyone willing to pay in Bitcoins on the cyber-black market. The Democratic Party’s leaked emails, coupled with the leaked State Department cables, has Hillary Clinton in an outrage.

These disclosures, along with the Snowden disclosures that illustrate how America spies on friend and foe, have opened the Black Box of America’s propaganda machine.

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