DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Stop The Press, Trump Orders Arrests

The Arrests have begun.

Yesterday Candice Claiborne – the The Big “H” s  State Department Appointee in charge of South Western Russia (Chechnya, Dagestan and Georgia) was charged in Federal Court with failing to report contacts with Chinese Agents who then provided her with gifts in exchange for Diplomatic and Financial Information.

A you recall – under her tenure there were large shipments of weapons to this South Weastern Russian States which caused certain Terrorist Groups to go into these states and kill allot of Civilians.

In addition – the 400 Tons of Military Equipment Ambassador Christopher Stevens sold to the Muhujadeen Al Kaleek in Libya, taking the Commission for these sales and causing the BIG H to kill this US Ambassador, were directly linked to the deaths of US Special Forces, Russian civilians and countless deaths in Syria and Libya.

It is called Murder.

Apparently the President has now ordered the arrests of all those involved in selling America Out under the last 4 administrations.

The caveat of this is that in a Few Days President Trump will meet with President Xi Jinping of Russia in his Southern White House at Mar-a-lago in Florida.

Send extra protection to the South Eastern area of the complex and a few Nuclear Tipped Anti-Air Missiles would not hurt on the grounds as well.

As you recall – the VA sells Active Duty Military Records world wide and this began under President Clinton in 1993. Some of our soldiers took the Algorythmes in their cell phones to break into all US Federal Agency Computers with them and defected to the Blue Army in China due to this fact.

Later these men broke  through every Security Wall in over 750 major US Corporations and every computer the US “Agencies” own.

The secrets stolen form these US Based Companies rest clearly on the shoulders of the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and the last administration  for allowing these breaches of National Security.

So if you are the CEO of an American Company and you are being out – competed by a Foreign Company because your Top Secret New Inventions were stolen by the Chinese – look no further than these last 4 President’s.

Whether or not President Trump orders these breaches in American Security to cease remains to be seen.

So – for example – if I travel overseas and I know how to access Nukes across the US – my records are across the globe.

I knew a Submarine Fleet Commander – an Admiral – who was allergic to Wheat. So when he traveled – well – a little wheat in his food and he gets “Drunk” and begins spouting Nuclear Access Codes to the waiters. He was in charge of 50 Submarines, 144 Nukes per sub – over 7,200 Nukes.

So expect allot of changes as we enter the month of April as the truth about everything is revealed…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Stop The Press, Trump Orders Arrests

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