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‘Prince Andrew can’t slink away from this now’ – the TV triumph of Virginia Giuffre

Calm, thorough and deeply plausible, Virginia Giuffre’s BBC interview was everything Prince Andrew’s wasn’t – and it made the severity of the accusations against him look undeniable. Prince Andrew’s Newsnight interview quickly became more about him than the subject…



FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 12-2-19… “Trump lashes out in all directions as world tension escalates to dangerous levels”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. As with all of Benjamin’s posts, feel free to “tune in” to that Higher Discernment while reading (particularly with regard to Trump and why he is doing / saying what he is doing / saying)…


Things heat up as Netanyahu indicted, while Trump declares war on the Queen

The battle for the planet Earth has heated up again as mass-murdering Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted, while U.S. President Donald Trump declares war on Queen Elizabeth.  Economic and information warfare between the U.S…