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– a point of view by Brian Hyland.

Perth Rally Against #Plandemic Overreach and Injustice!

It was a great peaceful protest rally by all of the participants! We had about 1000 people of all ages dressed up and with signs! We moved from Parliament House to Kings Park and then down into the City. The police were a heavy presence and very intimidating as they moved us along for having over 20 people gathering together in one place. They picked off a few stragglers at the back with $1000 fines and arrested 1 person who confronted the legality of the 20 person rule. Hopefully, by the time they go to court, everyone will know what a sham this #plandemic really is and the cases will be dropped. Well done to everyone who attended the rally and thank you to all the drivers passing by that supported us too!

NESARA, GESARA, Qanon, Trump and the Bible

This is a great article. It has lots of confirmed structural information about NESARA and GESARA, Qanon, Trump and pulls a lot of clues from the bible. I don’t agree with the conclusions though. There are more powerful players than Lucifer et al. Who is in the grand scheme of things only a stunted cosmic infant focused on childish things. His pursuit of power over others is infantile and illusionary as we can reject that power at any time. It is only power over our material self. People with souls can’t be controlled, only bodies without souls can be controlled. The only true power is power over our reaction, that is true freedom of the spirit.
Same for implants, by Cosmic Law, if it is in our body it belongs to us and is ours to use for our benefit if we will it so.
It also does not acknowledge the awesome power of our co-creative ability to instantly and collectively switch timelines to instantly change the past and the future.
I think it is more of a warning for us to not focus on building another monetary empire. I see the new Quantum Financial System as a hybrid system to be used to go from where we are now to where we want to be in the future with a Star Trek type society with instant healing systems and replicators able to create whatever we want instantly with no monetary transactions. Replicators will end scarcity, and therefore end the need for monetary transactions.
I can see the warning on not focusing our development of material things, but to focus on our spiritual side. Consciousness Technology is the most advanced tech, it surpasses material tech by far as it can create and change universes!

The Earth Agenda! What do we do Now!

Good pickup on the pedophile symbol, i didnt see it at first. It is to be expected though. The #rescuekids have been coming from CPS, Child Protective Services in america. The satanists have to come out and declare this a satanic planet and have us go along with it to succeed. We won’t accept that! If it comes down to it, and trump fails us in Australia, we will have to do armed resistance. It won’t be easy, they took our guns away years ago and I agreed with it at the time. I did not realise what was really going on..

It gets worst, they sneaked legislation through in 2014 that allows our prime minster or his attourney general equivalent to drone strike any Australian citizen anywhere in the world.. without due process. Our pm can just order any of us to be killed with a drone strike and it will be done. No questions asked nor any accountability after. They have all of the pieces of total power projection already in place…

If I am wrong about ScoMo, we are in deep shit and will probably be taken out first. If they come for our kids, we will have to go underground and fight a gorilla warfare against them. Think terminator movies with drones overhead.

We are not there yet. It is our final option that I hope we don’t have to use, but we will if we have too.

Now there is another factor to take into account, the bigger picture. Are we alone in the universe, or do we have friends and allies from space. Considering the vastness of the universe, it is a given that there is intelligent life out there. Are they involved? Is there a god, or god like beings helping or hindering us? That bigger picture can be framed in a freewill universe, are they of service to self or service to others type orientation. These 2 paths are the only choices available in 3D. We can recognise the service to self people by their actions. They can only think about their own needs and cannot think or care about others needs, we can recognise them easily from their behaviour. So is there a service to others type group also out there? And would they allow a satanic takeover and breech of our free will?

Or would they work in the background negotiating with the STS on our behalf. Wringing concessions from the dark with each breech of our free will. There must be a force opposing these bad guys, or they would have run rampant all over us already, who could stop them? We have no guns as you have said.

If you take another factor into consideration, at some time in the future, could be tomorrow, could be a million years, time travel will be invented. It is inevitable.

Now what are they going to do with this technology… use it! Others will also discover it or be given it and use it too. So now the time line is polluted with time travelers going back and forth like tourists. Now, would they interfere and try to change the time line to position themselves in a better place or worst place? I think that they would not be able to help themselves. So now we have multiple groups with multiple agendas going on, all tweeking the time lines on each other so that their group survives to generate them. I would protect my family timeline from interference just so i could be born.. and i would try to make a better world for my ancestors to grow up in.

My actions would affect other groups, their actions would affect my group. Eventually we would start to negotiate with each other, maybe form alliances and negotiating councils. Now we have a system of governance and agreements over changes to the past, so as not to be deleted from history.

Eventually we are going to come to a crisis point where the future is to be decided between Orwellian control or free will golden future. We are at that point now. Who decides our future in this temporal armistice with all of the forces of the future lined up for and against totalitarian control. Who decides? A Galactic Temporal Council would be faced with the choice of a total temporal war or negotiation. Who decides which future is paramount? The balance of power must be equal or the dark would have just overridden our freewill and taken our kids already. Or the good guys would have just deleted the dark before they were born. So who decides our future? It must be up to us..

No weapon we have now is going to be able to counter all of the forces of the future aligned for and against us. So what are they waiting for? Are they waiting for us to decide our path? If so, how do we do that?

It must come down to a collective decision by us here now and backed up by all of the forces of the future (and past) Could it be as simple as to just choose it? A majority vote?

How do we do that? How is it measured?

With all of the power and technology that would be available for and against us from the future and the past, does it come down to our choice being measured by our actions and by our thoughts using technology beyond our understanding? These powerful forces are being hidden from us for what reason? It could only be so that me make our choice without direct interference from either group. Our choice will decide the future we and they all get to experience.. totalitarian control or freewill golden future (star trek or star wars). This leaves us with the most important decision to make in the whole universe, this makes us and our thoughts and actions very powerful and important. This makes our thoughts and actions more powerful than all of the guns and weapons aligned against us! It seems like we can just decide for our future and the galactics will help enforce it!

So how do we get others to decide for a golden future as well? Are we already doing this on Facebook? Are we already empowering others to make the choice for themselves? To see that there is a choice? Is what we are already doing, the most important thing to the future of the whole universe? That must make us pretty powerful players right now, with the forces of good and evil all around us watching and waiting!

We can do this, we have overcome all opposition so far to get to where we are now, and I am in no doubt that we can stand against anything more that they throw against us. We just need to keep doing what we are doing and keep spreading our truth! Speaking our truth seems to have a power beyond that of which we know or realise. It pops their dark agenda magic bubble! We are the news now!

Speaking truth to power is the most courageous thing we can do😀

Humans Are Perfect!


There is such an effort being made to convince us that we are less than perfect the way we are. From the over-population lie, humans pollute, we can’t manage ourselves, humans destroy nature, humans war, humans have original sin! When I look into all of these lies, I remind myself that I AM NOT DOING ANY OF THIS! The decisions to do these things comes from a very small group of elites who are acting out on their trauma and have been stunted in their growth. They are NOT US! #NotUs We are loving and caring and considerate by default! The good news is that because it is being done by only a few that are in charge, they are easy to replace! We just have to put better managers in the places where these decisions are being made! #HumansArePerfect

Brian xx