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US Terrorists Strike Twice On Christmas — DR WILLIAM MOUNT

Sunday, December 25, 2016

US Terrorists Strike Twice On Christmas

VIDEO:    Terrorists Strike On Christmas – Twice – YouTube

Part of President Obama’s Christmas Surprise was released last night as we slept.

Never think for one minute that the Satanic CIA sleeps, this is not who they are.

Way back around 1945 the Naval Intelligence broke from the new Central Intelligence Agency and in 1947 President Truman signed the National Security Act forming the CIA.

So where did the original Intelligence Agents come from?

Yeshua had a wife and had a son (Manassah) and an adopted daughter (Sarah). They moved to the region of Monoco – that is why there is a Tiny Nation there – this is where Mary lived 2,000 years ago. Records of this are scarce and hidden form the general public and there are many legends and cults about this as well.

Those who joined the Naval Intelligence were from the Line of Jesus’s Son and were from the lines of the Original Kings of France – the Morovingians – the “Sons Of Yeshua,” Unfortunately by the time they began their reign they too worshipped Lucifer.

Those who went into the CIA were from the adopted Daughter of Jesus. The Black Royalty. This Black Royalty, which intermarried with the Kazarians form the Eastern Ukraine, followed of the Roman Pope. They also brought into their group the old SS Officers under Operation Paper Clip as the SS was into worshipping Lucifer.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Emails Of Media Elites Hacked

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

Video: Emails Hacked Of US Media Elites – YouTube

These Media Moguls, and their organizations that were hacked, include:


2) NBC

3) ABC

4) CBS

5) CNN

All of their Email Servers have been hacked, their phone calls are next

There are 12 nations involved in the hacking now along with their Intelligence Agencies and I have already mentioned 5 of them.

Now they will be torn apart in the press across the globe – except here in the United States.

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Babylonia Rises at the DNC – DR WILLIAM MOUNT


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Video: Babylonia Rises At The DNC – YouTube

A New Religion has arisen at the DNC, complete with  Accolades, Priests, Gods, Symbolism and Human Sacrifices at the alter of the God of Self – Abortions and Infanticide – the killing of children.

In fact – the leaders of this new religion here in the United States are currently meeting at the Bohemian Grove along the Russian River and dancing naked to their GOD Marduk, as symbolized by the owl and Snake Serpent. In a few hours, after a Gay Sex Orgy, these leaders will sacrifice a Young Girl and then burn her body at the base of this Owl – the weekend after the two political conventions.

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