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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Defends America Across Europe


That is correct.

In several meetings across Europe President Trump has torn these European Leaders a New Rear End.

First – He wants them to pay up what they owe NATO to defend their nations. This amounts to 2% per year of the enter EU budget.

Second – The EU will not charge America with a Tax to subsidize their military under the GLOBAL WARMING Initiative – and the latest Paris Agreement – a Non – Binding agreement we might add.

Finally – In what has angered German Prime Minister Angela Merkel (Hitler’s Daughter) and the New Child of France Macron (Election Thief Himself) — after 72 years President Trump is eliminating the Marshal Plan. Trillions of American Dollars will no longer flow into European Banks to help hold them up.

This means that $Trillions of American Dollars will no longer subsidize German Car Manufacturers to sell their cars in America.

This also means that $Billions of America Dollars will no longer be used to transfer Tens of Thousands of Western European Businesses to move form Western Europe into  Eastern Europe.

The Day of American Subsidies is Over.

Europe will pay up for what they owe NATO or their imports will be given a Tariff. They will pay what they owe, one way or the other.

We beat these NAZIs in 1945 on the ground, and we will now take them on and crush them financially by December.

Apparently the Leaders of Eastern Europe still remember the Communist and NAZI heavy hand.

Poland’s Prime Minister gave a blistering speech slamming the UE for being soft on Terror.

Let us hope the other Eastern European Leaders never forget what the NAZI’s and Communists did to their people.

In other news – there was apparently a shooting in Egypt killing 25 people.

The initial films were pulled – but in them there were no busses, no roads, the Body Bags used were those used in America not Egypt, and every one was hit in the head form someone firing a Machine Gun?


Within minutes the initial films were pulled.

Very sloppy work SERCO – sent through the Entrust Company.

Finally – In a story that has been banned form Western Media Apparently the Indian Nuclear Power Plant has been leaking radiation into the river for the last 5 months.

Apparently their pipes used to carry Coolants to the Reactor Core are – well – made of a very  high tech material – and – it is –  disintegrating.

Apparently the Reactor has been “Shut Down” way back in March – but that actually takes 4-6 months so until then it will continue to leak a High Stream of radiation isn’t to the Tapi River…

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Dave Chappelle’s Cousin Says He Was Killed and Cloned – Speaks Out for First Time 

The YouTube channel that conducted the interview with Dave Chappelle’s cousin said they contacted her after seeing her comments on several YouTube videos. She was willing to tell her story but she uses a voice changer because she is afraid for her safety. This is the first time she has spoken out. ​

She was very close with her cousin Dave Chapelle. She tells the story about why he went to Africa…what happened before that, and what happened after.  She says they killed and cloned him not long after he appeared on the Oprah show. They lured him into a meeting with the TV executives and that was the last she ever heard from him.

The next time she saw him on TV she knew immediately that was not her cousin….whom she’d known since they were born. It looked, acted and sounded nothing like him.

And in order to avoid the questions his family would have when they sent a clone home instead of him…she says they killed and cloned his entire immediate family. His wife, his kids and his mother who were all living on the farm with him.

This is a fascinating interview. And it makes sense. Chapelle was trying to get away from them. He was speaking out. Then suddenly like someone snapped their fingers he’s back in the game.

And don’t forget….they kill these ppl first. If you think the idea that they clone ppl and replace them is ridiculous then you are WAY behind the curve and you need to do some research.

The original video interview with Chapelles cousin was posted a few weeks ago by the JT Anwom youtube channel on April 26th, 2017. And it was quickly taken down by YouTube. This was their description on the original video before it was taken down.

“Had to re-upload this because YouTube took the sound off the first video for some odd reason, so we’re re-uploading this. We saw numerous comments from a woman named #1 Original Negan Girl on YouTube, who made several comments under multiple videos regarding Dave Chappelle. Comments stating how Dave was her cousin…on videos that were done by those such as The Vigilant Christian and others. So upon us seeing her comments everywhere on YouTube, we decided to contact her to ask her to share her facts about what she knows regarding Dave, and she said she would if we made her voice anonymous, for fear of her safety, which we did. So this is her story.”

(It was removed by YouTube but I finally found the video online and re-uploaded it. It may get taken down again so download it if you can.) Here’s the interview:…

images (3)

Source: Dave Chappelle’s Cousin Says He Was Killed and Cloned – Speaks Out for First Time | Celebrities

Silke F Speaks – AI Systems & Mind Replacement & TI Gangstalking — Prepare for Change

This is what is happening. A hive mind supercomputer system has the capability to record and clone a person’s neural map and then can replace that person. This like the dynamic regarding the computer systems that record the data of what is taking place in this land, the realm. The primary data mover or the…

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“Hillary Clinton’s DEATH”- WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports – was she Replaced by a Body Double? | Stillness in the Storm

Monday, September 12, 2016

Alleged Hillary Clinton Body Double on left.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I received this rather sensational story from a reader that Hillary Clinton died in NYC yesterday.

After reviewing the footage from Ch. 7 it appears that the local news outlet in NYC may have let slip that Clinton passed away yesterday. Whether or not this was just an error in script writing or something else remains unclear. But in case more evidence materializes I wanted to post this ASAP to serve as a repository for related information. Please comment with anything you find.

The following article covers that story and suggest that she was replaced by a body double. There is some interesting photographic evidence to review for this assertion, but nothing definitively conclusive in my view.

I can not confirm she died, but I wanted to post this and see what the readership is able to uncover in their research. Anything of substance I receive will be added here or an update article will be posted.

Get your research skills primed and ready!

– Justin

SourceSuper Station 95

by Newsroom Staff, September 12th 2016

A video clip of WABC-TV Channel 7 “Eyewitness News” in New York City opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying “more on Hillary Clinton’s Death.” The opening line, however, seems edited-OUT of the video archive!

Did Hillary die after leaving the 9-11 Ceremony in New York . . . and the information is being concealed? A whole slew of irregularities have cropped-up indicating that may actually be the case!

Here is the video segment from the 11:00 PM “Eyewitness News” broadcast of September 11, 2016 in which Anchorman Joe Torre seems to say Hillary Clinton is DEAD:

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Khazarian mafia bosses offer to return Tsarist gold to Russia in exchange for shelter – Weekly geo-political news and analysis Message from Benjamin Fulford

Another big sign of Khazarian mafia defeat has been the degrading treatment given to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporate spokesperson Barack Obama in Asia and elsewhere. Obama was literally denied red carpet treatment on his arrival in China for last weekend’s G20 summit. This was in sharp contrast to the super VIP treatment given to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has been recommended to China by the WDS as a better leader for North America than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Trudeau was treated like a superstar in China during a one week visit that resulted in Canada publicly dumping its support of the US corporate government by announcing its intention to join the China led AIIB.

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Paul McCartney’s Death in 1966 Goes Much Deeper Than an MI5 Replacement Operation | Celebrities

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 6:26

Audio in video below:

TMR Editor’s Note
Years prior to the The Millennium Report website going online one of our writers conducted exhaustive research into the “Paul McCartney is Dead” conspiracy.  It is, in fact, a real conspiracy because of the number of willing participants who, by necessity, had to participate in it in order for it to be successful for almost fifty years.

Paul McCartney Death 1966 MI5

However, only one element has been missing over the past 49 years. And that is a member of The BEATLES stepping forward to tell the unvarnished truth. It now appears that this little secret has been finally told by Ringo Starr. Certainly, with the death of his band mates, except ‘Paul’ of course, the burden of this secret became greater for him to carry alone as the years wore on.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Emails Of Media Elites Hacked

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

Video: Emails Hacked Of US Media Elites – YouTube

These Media Moguls, and their organizations that were hacked, include:


2) NBC

3) ABC

4) CBS

5) CNN

All of their Email Servers have been hacked, their phone calls are next

There are 12 nations involved in the hacking now along with their Intelligence Agencies and I have already mentioned 5 of them.

Now they will be torn apart in the press across the globe – except here in the United States.

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