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– resonance cavity around the Earth.

Strange Ongoing Time Anomalies

Many of us are paying attention to the little things that occur and seem out of place in our every day lives. We are being shown that the concept of 3rd dimensional time/space is shifting right before our eyes…


“Pulsating Anomalies In The Schumann Resonance And Sun”

By Gregg Prescott, M.S. An interesting development has arisen in regard to the Schumann Resonance chart and our sun. While it is still unclear if the two are related, they both have similar attributes…


The Portal: Disclosure Process


There are great changes happening in our Solar System. A vast fleet comprised of many motherships of countless positive cosmic races has reached its final parking position on key resonance points within our Solar System to support the process of full Disclosure.
Some of those ships can be seen clearly on photos which were taken by our team this week with StratoProbe 5 about 17 km (57,000 feet) above the surface:
For the first time in 26,000 years, the Chimera group is lately starting to show signs of worry about the stability of the quarantine status for planet Earth.
This is why they are fortifying their defenses within the Air Force Space Command:


Disclosure process is an exponential curve, going slowly at first during the soft Disclosure phase we are experiencing now, but steadily accelerating until we reach the breakthrough at the moment of the Event into full Disclosure.
Many seemingly unrelated initiatives of the surface population are part of the same greater plan of the Light forces (Operation PrisonBreak) to penetrate the quarantine.
Many space program initiatives in the nearspace, in Earth orbit, on Moon and Mars are expected to experience their breakthrough in the next few years…


MUST READ: Schumann Resonance, Advanced Science — Psychophysical Regulation and Psi | Gaining Clarity on a Misunderstood Topic

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Iona Miller wrote the following extensive research paper discussing the infamous Schumann Resonance. While it might be challenging to review this kind information, I highly recommend doing so because it will provide the essential first-hand knowledge needed to understand the energetic nature of existence.

There is one thread to this paper that will likely be controversial, which is that the Schumann Resonance is not rising, as many have suggested for decades. However, before reacting to that statement, please take the time to understand the evidence at hand and know that the general principle of energetic shifting is still valid, as I will attempt to explain.

There are numerous images of Schuman Resonance readings circulating the internet that are cited as examples of it rising. In order to understand what is represented in these graphs, we’ll briefly discuss the Schumann Resonance and how it is produced.

The space in between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere, an approximately 50- to 375-mile thick layer of non-luminous plasma or charged atmospheric gas, forms an electromagnetic resonant cavity, with a potential resonant frequency range known as the Schumann Resonances. This is also known as the earth-ionosphere waveguide system.

Lightning is the most common source of energy for what is known as exciting the Schuman Resonances because it acts like an antenna, radiating pulses of electromagnetic energy in the extremely low-frequency range that is resonant with the ionosphere. It moves outwardly along the earth’s surface and atmosphere like a pebble hitting a pond. This rings the cavity like a bell, which appears as excitation pulses (energy blips) on monitoring stations or a continuous line for longer spans of time.

Much like the sound of a loud guitar plugged into an amplifier rings a snare drum nearby, or a loud sound in a house that shakes the windows, or the sound of an echo in a valley or canyon, the atmosphere “rings like a bell” when it is excited, but the ringing is electromagnetic, instead of sonic…

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Source: MUST READ: Schumann Resonance, Advanced Science — Psychophysical Regulation and Psi | Gaining Clarity on a Misunderstood Topic