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Three VTs that are (possibly) of interest… One “Preston James – Mike Harris” and Two “Jonas Alexis”

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At this point in time, I feel only the desire to post these three, together, and a highlight or two from each. Part of my KEGS (“Kp Energetic Grid Structure”) is not aligned too much with the “hairy, gory” 3D planetary details of everything that is falling apart out there.

So read on as you may be guided. As will I. One note is that all of these have something to do with the role of the Zionists/Khazarian Mafiosi.

Time to start defending Christianity (Part I) (3-23-17, Preston James and Mike Harris)

“Christianity is under onslaught by an age-old plan to infiltrate it, to hijack it, neutralize it, use it to further a Zionist Global NWO Agenda and then to destroy it. Unless Christians begin to understand how they have been misinformed, this attack will continue to erode their ranks of believers until Christianity is dis-empowered, reduced and then eliminated.

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Preston James 2-28-17… “Babylonian Endgame – Hell on Earth”

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_91Another excellent exposure article by Preston. This is describing how the endgame is upon us. He writes at the end, “Stay tuned, because one thing is for sure. This battle of the ages between good and evil is now reaching it final stages.” So perhaps this aligns with David Wilcock’s and Corey’s Endgame I and II articles.

“The Babylonian Talmudists’ [Khazarian Mafia’s]Globalist NWO agenda has been seriously stressing our lives in almost every way possible. This Ruling Cabal that hijacked America is working hard to asset strip us of all our wealth and to destroy our Republic and Balkanize it and take into a continuing stream of wars for their personal profits… The Babylonian Talmudic Cabal’s final goal is to create Hell on Earth. So far they have been pretty successful doing this in many nations…

“The Babylonian Talmudic Cabal (BTC) basically runs the world by creating and…

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Down Here on the Farm – Parts 2 & 3 (Recommended) » The Event Chronicle

We are being “farmed” and asset stripped by the Banksters. American soldiers have been used as profit-making cannon fodder in all wars engineered by the Banksters to “liberate” cheap natural resources for their corporate cronies. Our assets are being continuously stripped by the Banksters charging pernicious usury for “renting” what should have been our own money in the first place. How did this ever happen to us?…

Source: Down Here on the Farm – Parts 2 & 3 (Recommended) » The Event Chronicle

Preston James: ElectroMagneticFrequency (EMF) Pollution and Ways to Mitigate the Effects — PROJECT CAMELOT PORTAL


This is an excellent and cautionary article worth reading to protect yourself and your loved ones…

ElectroMagneticFrequency (EMF) Pollution and Ways to Mitigate the Effects

By  Preston James, Ph.D. a columnist on the editorial board of directors for Veterans Today.


Below is a listing of current types of EMF Pollution and some known countermeasures which have been claimed to be effective.

Note: In Scandinavian studies 3-6% of the adults are medically or psychologically disabled to EMF sensitivity and live in towns with greatly reduced EMF. These folks have altered Electrocardiograms (EKG) and altered electroencephalograms (EEG) when  exposed to average amounts of Wi-Fi and remote phone emitted EMF or are close to cell phone towers.

A province in Canada and some Scandinavian nations have removed Wi-Fi from the public schools and replaced it with fiber optics or hard wire because the science is not yet determinate on the effects of young, children with developing nervous systems.

Some scientists believe that up to 30-40% of adults can be significantly affected (but not disabled by EMF such as Wi-Fi and remote phones).

Cell phone manufacturers have placed warnings on their package inserts to keep the phone away from the ear some distance.

Smartmeters and Dirty electricity: Activists claim that Smartmeters (they are digital instead of the old analog) are NOT UL rated like the old analog ones and that these Smartmeters have caused unexpected house fires and there are numerous complaints of much larger electric bills with the same prior usage, numerous complaints about sleeping problems, headaches, nervousness, agitation and various strange illness emerging. In some localities it is a violation to install any electrical devise to the AC supply system that is not UL rated so folks need to organize into action groups to expose this and stop their use as a public health issue and a violation of state electrical codes.

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Preston James VT 12-18-16… “The Coming War on Pedophilia?” — Kauilapele’s Blog

veterans_today_preston_james_banner_86This quite obviously relates to the prior post. And even though some may not “like” the personality of “the Trump”, if he starts doing what many want him to do, namely, take down the cabal’s horrific networks like this one, as Preston describes, then I feel he should be supported. This has to end.

I’ve included all images from Preston’s article in this post.

Some may wish to check this prior post by Preston, on the same topic.

“The best advice that can be given to [Donald Trump] is to maintain the same strategy that won him the election, to mobilize and strengthen a growing emergent American Populism. This same American Populism that has emerged largely from the Alternative media of the worldwide Internet now demands and end to DC cronyism and endemic corruption that has occurred at every level of the USG. Trump’s winning strategy was to mobilize this emergent populist mass dissatisfaction of the American workers and disenfranchised middle class.

“These CMMM [Controlled Major Mass Media] enemies turned out to be Trump’s greatest campaign asset by providing hundreds of millions of dollars of free campaign advertising… Most Americans rejected at face value all these negative CMMM taking points about Trump, thus reinforcing their distrust of the USG itself and the CMMM. The more that the CMMM kept broadcasting anti-Trump news that seemed noticeably biased and false, the more the American masses supported Trump.

…it is fair to say that not only is his agenda going to be extremely difficult to attain as promised, but in fact, his only chance of doing it is to capture a majority of Americans for full and energetic support.

“Some insiders claim that the DC Establishment greatly fear Trump because he is not believed to be a member of any Secret Society or the Satanic Pedophile Network, which most top Republican, as well as top Democrat Members of Congress, are alleged to be. If true, this would likely make it extremely difficult or impossible for the DC Establishment to control him.

“Trump’s biggest enemies will be those who have been inducted into the large Satanic Pedophile Network (SPN) which is run as a massive human compromise, mind-kontrol system by the COL RKM used to keep initiates compromised, blackmailable and in line. This massive SPN is financed in America by the City of London RKM private Fiat central Banksters through their largest franchise, the Federal Reserve System (FRS).

“…this War on Pedophilia would be a great means for Trump to mobilize the American mothers who are the SPN’s greatest potential enemy. This fact has been stated numerous times publicly by the foremost expert of Pedophilia and sex trafficking Detective James Rothstein (NYCPD Gold Shield, Police Intel, NY Crime Commission Special Squad).

“Trump must activate this rage by publicizing this problem, setting up a clean special independent prosecutor and recommending special grand juries in every state to investigate and charge. If promised protection, numerous seasoned LE and Intel will come forth and present rock solid evidence. Immunity agreements can be made with many folks at the periphery of the SPN who would have otherwise testified against it but for their fear of being immediately murdered.”


The Coming War on Pedophilia?

What is Donald Trump’s best path to attain the full agenda that he energetically promised to the American voters?

And what actions could he take that could disprove the DNC and Major Mass Media allegations that he is a billionaire that has always had a silver spoon in his mouth. That he promised everything that dissatisfied Americans wanted to hear just to get elected and once in office will service his wealth one-percenter buddies?

The best advice that can be given to him is to maintain the same strategy that won him the election, to mobilize and strengthen a growing emergent American Populism.

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Satanic Pedophile Cabal’s Iron Grip of Evil — The Event Chronicle

When top USG officials are completely compromised & wholeheartedly committed to serving evil, it becomes hard for We The People to take back our Republic by Preston James Right now it’s a sad fact that there is a worldwide Satanic Pedophile Cabal that has infiltrated and hijacked America and runs the USG and most of…

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A Couple of Prestons related to the SPC network… “[SPC’s] Iron Grip of Evil” and “Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind” — Kauilapele’s Blog

These are the most recent two Preston James articles. I know there’s a lot of this going around, and all the terms put out there. However, I’m not posting any of that, as I feel Preston’s posts open the doors to that unveiling. There is NO doubt there’s a lot of this happening… somewhere. And […]

via A Couple of Prestons related to the SPC network… “[SPC’s] Iron Grip of Evil” and “Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind” — Kauilapele’s Blog