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COVID-19 means Certificate Of Vaccination IDentity with 19 =a and 9 =i for Artificial AI=Intelligence

Do whatever you want with it! Message too important not to be aired!
Lobbying is being activated in all companies and in the media for mass vaccination…
Two components of this future vaccine are classified secret defense…
A third and not least is the “squalene”…
COVID-19 means Certificate Of Vaccination IDentity with 19 =a and 9 =i for Artificial AI=Intelligence.
This is not the name of the virus but the name of the International Plan of Slavery and Population Reduction, which has been developed for dozens of years and launched in January 2020 during the last DAVOS.
After 70 days, the virus is inactive. We’ve gone past that course.
What reactive the virus is immune to vaccination. The one they plan to inject us (7 more terrible than the other) is a real descent to hell with a massive depopulation of more than $ 80, attached to that, the 5 G they install in all cities around the world to weaken our immune defense.
Don’t get tested, tests are not reliable.
Test manufacturers say it, none of the tests can detect the Sars-We-2 virus but only a freedom of small, harmless viruses or cell waste that are naturally part of our microbiota.
The tested people will appear more and more positive on the tests, around 90 %. That’s their goal!
This is why they bring our kids out first as they can’t impose the test on adults yet.
On the other hand, from 11 May in France, a massive screening in all schools (700.000 / week) will be required.
Each school director will soon receive an obligation on the part of the Rectorate to impose the test without informing parents.
Once your child is detected, they will force the whole family close and contacts to get tested, reconfinner… (then vaccinated…).
You will be required to accept this screening, otherwise you will be taken away from your child; this will appear between the lines in this Order sent to each school.
We are not sick, just healthy carrier… bunch of small viruses that will appear on the tests as positive…
They only need this: “Make the whole world think the world is sick”.
They have put together this strategic plan: GO THROUGH OUR KIDS.
Their point of attack: our children
Their strategy: screening.
Let’s not give them what they’re missing!
To be detected positive is to be registered as the Jews were.
Refusing screening is the only key to prevent them from imposing vaccination on us (wave 2), it is not to increase their numbers so as not to allow them to IMPOSE vaccination to the 7 billion people.
Once vaccinated we will all be sick, weak… And the rest you know her…
In France, people can refuse mass screening.
For this reason, the only message to be sent on all social media and in France is as follows:
during these 9 days we only have to talk about it! Close your books, videos that deal with secondary topics.
This is the ultimate message to pass during these 9 days, we must only talk about it.
If in France people understand this message, they will not put their children back to school, between the claws of the state.
They won’t get tested in mass.
And they won’t be forced, during the second wave to get vaccinated.
The only way to save our humanity is to make people understand that they should not be DÉPISTER. Don’t get tested, don’t give them what they’re missing, don’t fall into their trap.
Everything will come from there:
– NOT caught
– NOT tested
– NOT vaccinated
We need to fill the walls of Facebook, videos, all media spaces in this unique message.
MAKE OF Panels!
Their point of attack: our children
Their strategy: screening
Let’s not give them what they’re missing.
At least you won’t be able to say you haven’t been warned!
To be shared as widely as possible and as quickly as possible as the process is already on its way.


by Geoffrey Grider, Amazon’s patent application for an always-on feature for Alexa, its popular voice-activated personal assistant, has raised a lot of concern…


Google and Wikipedia Team Together To Suppress Alternative Health Information

Ask anyone on the street prior to 1990 what the term “search engine” meant, and you would probably get a shrug of the shoulders and a guess, like searching for an automobile replacement engine or something…


Trump Institutes Russian Peace Plan For Afghanistan While Giving CIA Multi-Billion Drug Deal

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers An interesting Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Donald Trump has ordered instituted a “Gordian Knot” [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this


Microchipping Humans: First They Traded Freedom for Security, Now It’s Privacy for Convenience

(Claire Bernish) If a steel truth exists in decades of technological innovation, it rests firmly in the convenience provided society — indeed, while the mother of invention had long been named necessity, a prodigious marketplace bolstered iniquitously by acceptance of planned obsolescence ensur..


Steve Pieczenik: Neocons Want To Destroy America » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

MARCH 24, 2017. Dr. Steve Pieczenik explains how the Neocons are attempting to destroy America as well as what he thinks about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Source: Steve Pieczenik: Neocons Want To Destroy America » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Top 15 Discoveries & Implications of Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 – So Far » The Event Chronicle

Vault 7 is the name given to the latest and biggest leak in both Wikileaks and CIA history. Learn the top 15 discoveries & implications so far.

By Makia Freeman

Vault 7 has been the subject of a curious and cryptic set of tweets from Wikileaks over the course of the past month or so. Now we know why. In bombshell news, in the greatest leak in Wikileaks history, in the greatest leak in CIA history, a total of 8,761 documents has been released in a series that has been dubbed Vault 7. Even for seasoned conspiracy researchers, the documents are fascinating and horrible at the same time. It confirms the suspicions and knowledge of many investigators. Now we have the proof to substantiate our hunches and intuition. The CIA has been caught with its pants down: spying on its citizens, bypassing encryption to steal their messages, hacking into their electronic devices to listen on their conversations, using US consulates abroad to conduct spying operations, remotely hacking into vehicles (to perform undetectable assassinations) and much more.

Some will be shocked, but really, let’s remember the true nature and purpose of the CIA: a rogue agency that overthrows foreign leaders, install puppet regimes, imports drugs, runs guns and assassinates anyone who gets in the way of its agenda, including US presidents. Wikileaks has stated that it has only released less than 1% of its Vault 7 series, so this is literally the tip of the iceberg. Imagine what else is to come …

Here are the top 15 discoveries and implications of Vault 7 so far:

Vault 7 Discovery/Implication #1: CIA = Virus & Malware Factory

The CIA is not just a rogue agency that runs illegal drugs and weapons, assassinates people, starts wars and conducts regime change. It has also spent untold millions or even billions of dollars developing what is probably the most sophisticated cyber warfare/hacking/spying department on the planet, equalling or even surpassing that of the NSA. Wikileaks reveals that the CIA has its own “hacking division” that is run by its CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence) which by the end of 2016…

Source: Top 15 Discoveries & Implications of Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 – So Far » The Event Chronicle

Everything You Search for on Google Is Now Easily Obtained by Police | Stillness in the Storm

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

(J.D. HeyesIf you thought that your search engine history was private, think again. It’s not. Or, at least, it may not be, depending on whether or not you’re under police investigation.

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SourceNatural News

by J.D. Heyes, March 21st, 2017

According to The Free Thought Project, a court in Minnesota has recently ruled that an entire city’s search history should be made available to police, an Orwellian first as far as anyone can tell. It may well mark the beginning of the end of Internet freedom.

Cops in Edina, Minn., were granted a warrant that requires search giant Google to provide search history information and the names of everyone in the city who utilized specific search terms between Dec. 1, 2016, and Jan. 7, 2017. (RELATED: BOMBSHELL Investigation: Google An “Information Dominance” Front For The CIA)

Now mind you, this case isn’t about a nuclear bomb plot, a planned act of terrorism, a major jewel heist or child porn. Rather, ARS Technica notes, the case is about alleged wire fraud worth less than $30,000. But if Google honors the warrant, like it probably will have to do since the warrant is a legal document issued by a valid court, that would be a horrible precedent moving forward because it could be duplicated by departments all over the country…

Source: Everything You Search for on Google Is Now Easily Obtained by Police | Stillness in the Storm

Smart Dildos Caught Spying On Owners – Your News Wire

$3.75 million class action lawsuit awarded to users who weren’t told they were in bed with a spy.

The manufacturer of a bluetooth-enabled “smart dildo” has been ordered to pay out $3.75 million to users after it was caught collecting “extremely intimate data” about the way individual owners used the sex toy.

The class action against sex toy company Standard Innovation Corporation was brought in the federal court by two anonymous women last year, in relation to the We-Vibe 4 Plus, a product advertised as the “No. 1 couples vibrator.”

The prime feature of the device allows users to adjust intensity and vibration patterns using a smartphone linked to the ‘We-Connect’ app, enabling couples to “play together even when [they’re] apart”….

Source: Smart Dildos Caught Spying On Owners – Your News Wire

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