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Here in the United States we see this more clearly than anywhere else on the Planet:

1) Sorcha just exposed US Contingency Plan 8010-16, as updated and signed by the last President. The plan calls for the initial Nuking of the following “Family of Nations“: China, Russia, Iran, Syria and North Korea.  And serves as an Environmental Impact Statement for Mass Murder.

Not Kidding. This is how perverted they are at the top.

Expected casualties: 6.5 Billion People.

Fortunately all Attempted Launches of any Nuclear Attacks over the last 8 years have been met with Mysterious Melted Warheads. Missiles that will not fire, Missiles that fall over, and missiles blowing up on the launch pads.

Too bad, so sad, Touche’.

2)  Congressman Corrine Brown (Democrat) – one the Big “H”s Biggest Supporters – is currently being tried for treason and my get 357 years in Prison.

3) “OCare” is imploding in Puerto Rico and 12 US States – Just as President Trump planned on.

4) Huma Abadeen – remember that Freaky Muslim Nutcase – she is singing like a bird and so set on not going to jail but she is writing a book exposing all of her friends for what they really are – Treasonous Satanic Human Sacrificing Creeps.

Not only is she singing like a bird – over 1 Million Emails have been exposed though her Passords on her computer that literally tens of thousands of Government Employees will soon be charged with Treason.

You see – Huma kept all of The Big “H” Dirty Little Secrets on HER computer.

5) President Trump has funded, and is currently awarding, contracts, to build ”THE WALL” between Mexico and the United States.

6) There will be no “Government Shut Down” – it was all smoke and mirrors to make you upset.

So – the FAKE Media of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Government Backed Internet News Agencies all lied.

7) President Trump, as promised, signed another Executive Order as Promised – this one will roll back Federal Involvement in Education.

In exactly 300 days there will be a report indicating exactly what need to happen to get the Feds out of the Education Business. This means the Collapse of most of the Liberal Colleges and Universities over the next 2 years.

8) Finally- President Trump put out a 1 page report on his Tax Cuts and the Liberal Press was too stupid to understand it. One page – he will cut Personal Income Taxes for those who earn under $50,000 a year an cut Corporate Taxes by 15%.

That was apparently too complicated for the FAKE news apparently as most of their News have IQ’s below room temperature.

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Last Gasp Of NAZI Elites

Amid govt shutdown fear, Trump withdraws border wall funding demand – reports — RT America

As a possible government shutdown approaches, President Donald Trump has walked back previous demands that funding for a border wall be included in the upcoming spending bill, saying he can postpone that until September.

In a private meeting Monday, Trump informed around 20 reporters that he would be willing to compromise in order to avoid a government shutdown, according to the Associated Press.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) called the president’s shift “good for the country.”

“Now the bipartisan and bicameral negotiators can continue working on the outstanding issues,” Schumer added, according to NBC News.

If the spending bill is passed, it would keep the government running until September 30, the closing date for the 2017 federal fiscal year. However, if enough Democrats do not agree to the deal by midnight Saturday, parts of the government will shut down, unless some other compromise is worked out.

Good for the US that @POTUS is taking the wall off the table in negotiations. Now negotiators can continue working on outstanding issues.

Federal lawmakers returned Monday from a two-week recess, as a pair of Trump’s tweets urged Democrats to approve funding for a border wall, one of his major campaign promises, albeit to be paid for by Mexico.

The wall is a very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth (and many others)! If…the wall is not built, which it will be, the drug situation will NEVER be fixed the way it should be,” Trump tweeted Monday…

Source: Amid govt shutdown fear, Trump withdraws border wall funding demand – reports — RT America

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Wall To Be Completed In 24 Months

The Head of the Department of Homeland Security has just again confirmed that the wall between Mexico and the United States will be completed in 24 months from awarding the Construction Contracts – which should be in April.This means that this wall – opposed by Illegal Aliens and Elite Satanic NAZIs and their Fake News reporters – will be completed by April 2019. Those who do not oppose the wall are those who work for a living and do not suck off of a Government Paychecks.Along with that will be the Deportation of between 10 to 20 Million people who came here illegally and then had what is called “Anchor Babies”…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Wall To Be Completed In 24 Months

Intel: Leaked: Trump’s Plan to Take Down George Soros


One of Trump’s best friends did a Q&A on Reddit and provided a rare glimpse into President Trump’s plans. What he revealed is George Soros’ WORST NIGHTMARE! Trump’s friend, who was a founding member of Trump National Golf Club, as was an advisor throughout the campaign, broke his silence and answered a series of questions from Trump supporters. His friend remained anonymous but was verified by the moderators on Reddit… So he is a 100% legitimate source. It wasn’t long until the question came up asking about George Soros, and whether or not Trump is aware that he is behind all of the riots. Trump’s friend revealed that not only does he know about Soros, but he has a plan to DESTROY him…

Source: Intel: Leaked: Trump’s Plan to Take Down George Soros