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Fbi Raids Huma Abadeen’s House – FInds Missing Emails


(585) Fbi Raids Huma Abadeen’s House – FInds Missing Emails – YouTube

Apparently the FBI released Congressman Anthony Weiner to Huma for the day and they decided to renew their Luxury New York Apartment to “Discuss” certain matters – shall we say the FBI took a team of investigators and raided their home in Michigan.

And what did they find?

The missing Laptop  containing all of the Big “H’s” missing top secret Emails.

You know – these top secret Emails Huma copied and then send through the US Mail…and claimed they got lost?

They are all 100% recoverable.

Congressman Weiner – you are the slimiest scum on Planet Earth and we love you for selling out all these people.

He even told the FBI where the Missing Computer was.

And what is in these Emails you might ask?

When all put together: Enough Black Mail information to hang 99% of the DNC and their staff nation wide including Governors and Mayors of large cities across America.

So when a Governor now comes out against President Trump – please realize he has enough info to hang you high from the nearest Yard Arm.

It’s a New Era when an Outsider can now hang most of the Dirty, Filthy politicians in the Left Wing, Selfish, Murdering nutcases who lead the Democrats.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump’s Got Stones – Protects 2nd Amendment

Standing up in front of the main Stream Media and an NRA Gathering in Atlanta President Trump clearly stated he will protect the 2nd Amendment as a right coming form GOD.

Without the right to Keep and Bear Arms – no other law matters. This and the freedom of speech, form the basis of any free society.

When the People fear the Government we have Tyranny – like we have today in America.

When the Government fears the people we have freedom.

The significance of this statement is this:

In 1871 Congress passed the Organic Constitution eliminating all rights given to us under the Constitution of 1783 if you Capitalize your name.

Thus: William Mount, WILLIAM MOUNT – represent corporations controlled by these Departments and Agencies and are registered as a Corporations at the Office of Registrar in DC.

Further – since you are not allowed access to your Corporate Moneys through the use of a 5444E or US Treasury Form 211- the system must now come down.

-william mount- is not a corporation and still a party to the original constitution an not subject to any Silly Laws Congress has passed since 1871 – but be careful.

President Trump is Chief Manager of the US Corporation – solely owned by the UN, which is owned by the Rothchilds. As the current Manager of this corporation he determines how to employ  the rules set under his charge – not Congress, not the Supreme Court.

If President Trump wished to over rule a “Judge” or arrest a “Judge” he has the right to do this.


So it appears that for the next 4 years we have the right to keep and bear arms – we hope…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump’s Got Stones – Protects 2nd Amendment

President “O” – Going Down For Treason

As the last President remains in a foreign nation far, far away from the United States evidence is building that he and his staff are guilty of Treason on so many levels.

First – let’s discuss why YOU are here.

We went to a friend’s house for dinner last night and FOX news played on the TV from 6PM to 9:30 PM and they covered 2 stories – same stuff for 3 ½ hours. Pure unadulterated Dribble.

The two stories covered were:

First – Illegal Aliens murder Americans, over 9,200 Americans a year since the Early 1980’s. There was an Immigrant defending these murders on Sean Hannity’s program.

Second – they discussed why Congressman Paul Ryan would not allow the vote in Congress to end Obama Care.

Thee two stories can be summed up as follows:

1) Those here illegally need to be shipped home and the Laws must be followed – all 15 Million. Period

2) President Trump wants Obama Care to implode and he needs to allow the Medical Exchanges to fail and Obama’s Friends to shut down their businesses.

What you get here on You Tube in 15 minutes Fox News cannot cover in a month – and most of it is off limits to these TV Moguls…


DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Illegal Immigration Down 40% In First Monthpotus

Friday, March 10, 2017

When President Trump took office  one of the first things he did was to release the Border Patrol and allow them to do their jobs.

One of the First things Boarder Patrol did was to start obeying Federal Law and began rounding up those Illegal Aliens president Obama Released without a trial after committing Murder, Rape, armed Robbery, etc and began the process of cutting off their Welfare (AUX and GAU – About $2,000/Mo) and sending them back to Mexico.

The Mexican Government went ballistic as they realized they must now incarcerate these Murders and pay for their jail time.

Historically Illegal  Immigration is up 10-20% in January but this year it went down form 31,578 to 18,762 – of which only 60% of them arte from Mexico.

It’s Over for them – the welfare is about to be cut off and 15 Million Illegal Aliens are about to go home and nobody wants them back.

Finally – as a last look at the last NAZI Regime: Here are the two Birth Certificates that clearly show that the last president was an Illegal Alien.

The first was provided by his Half Brother – the second by the Ambassador from Kenya to the United States…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Illegal Immigration Down 40% In First Month

Illegal Immigration Down 40% Since Trump Was Inaugurated

(Before It’s News) Press release from the Department of Homeland Security:

Today, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is releasing illegal border crossing data through the month of February and the numbers show an unprecedented decline in traffic. From January to February, the flow of illegal border crossings as measured by apprehensions and the prevention of inadmissible persons at our southern border dropped by 40 percent.

The drop in apprehensions shows a marked change in trends. Since the Administration’s implementation of Executive Orders to enforce immigration laws, apprehensions and inadmissible activity is trending toward the lowest monthly total in at least the last five years. This change in the trend line is especially significant because CBP historically sees a 10-20 percent increase in apprehensions of illegal immigrants from January to February.  Instead, this year we saw a drop from 31,578 to 18,762 persons – a 40 percent decline…

Source: Illegal Immigration Down 40% Since Trump Was Inaugurated | Politics

Look! Trump Just Did What Democrats Were Praying He Wouldn’t Do! They Have No Excuse!

By Lisa Haven  Thus far Donald Tump is doing everything he set out to do. He brought jobs back, is securing our borders, cracking down on immigration, and fixing our broken healthcare system—things that former President Obama refused to do, are getting done. But this isn’t the only house cleaning Trump is doing. In his latest ploy to send waves of ripples into the political system, President Trump has done what no one expected. He left the democrats crying and the American people shouting for joy. Here’s the gripping report….

Source: Look! Trump Just Did What Democrats Were Praying He Wouldn’t Do! They Have No Excuse! | Politics

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Wall To Be Completed In 24 Months

The Head of the Department of Homeland Security has just again confirmed that the wall between Mexico and the United States will be completed in 24 months from awarding the Construction Contracts – which should be in April.This means that this wall – opposed by Illegal Aliens and Elite Satanic NAZIs and their Fake News reporters – will be completed by April 2019. Those who do not oppose the wall are those who work for a living and do not suck off of a Government Paychecks.Along with that will be the Deportation of between 10 to 20 Million people who came here illegally and then had what is called “Anchor Babies”…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Wall To Be Completed In 24 Months

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Arrests Of Illegals Began Yesterday

As you recall – On 11 November President Obama gave President Trump all of the Addresses of Illegal Aliens in America collecting Welfare. So, in essence the Left sold out the Illegals, not the right. Yesterday President Trump ordered the arrests of all of these Illegal Aliens and in accordance with Federal Law they must be returned to the country of their Origin.In cities across the nation not only are the homes of these Illegal Aliens being raided but there are Police Road Blocks checking ID, Raids on School Busses, Trains, etc. About 61% of the 11 million illegal aliens live just 20 cities. These are the same cities that have declared themselves as “Sanctuary Cities.”…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Arrests Of Illegals Began Yesterday