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Conspiracy Theorist ‘Vomited 2 Liters of Black Fluid Before He Died’ — Death Ruled ‘Natural’ — Stillness in the Storm


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Conspiracy Theorist ‘Vomited 2 Liters of Black Fluid Before He Died’ — Death Ruled ‘Natural’

(Matt Agorist“I’m very excited to begin this journey and I will be blogging my journey and findings in a way that I’ve never done before. It’s time to disintegrate the last vestiges of the thinning veil for good and I hope this blog will be a tool to do so.

“We can’t be stopped now and I’m going to go into considerably more detail than I ever would or could on FaceBook.”

These were some of the last public words that international conspiracy theorist Max Spiers would say before he died under extremely questionable circumstances in July of this year.

SourceThe Free Thought Project

by Matt Agorist, December 17th, 2016

The 39-year-old conspiracy theorist traveled around the world investigating everything from UFOs to zionists. However, he had moved away from the UFOs and began to investigate the lives of politicians, and elite figures in business and entertainment.

One of the details that add to the suspicious nature of Spiers’ death is the fact that his mother, Vanessa Bates, received a text message from her son days before he died which said ‘If anything happens to me, investigate.‘

Just before he died, laying on his sofa, Spiers was in good health. When Spiers died in Poland, investigators immediately ruled that he died from natural causes despite no post-mortem examination being carried out.

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Watch “The Bases Lectures Sarah Adams & Max Spiers 2015” on YouTube


Published on 22 Oct 2015

The Bases Project Lecture series continues with Max Spiers and his girlfriend Sarah R Adams. This is only their 2nd time they have been in public. The first was earlier in the year at The Bases at the Barge micro-conference in the Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes. This was recorded as live at the Bases Project 2nd International Conference and Film Festival, St John’s Theatre on the Hill Marlborough, July-August 2015

Max is part of the “British Super Soldier program” to use a rather crude term, and Sarah is part of the ‘United States Super Soldier program’. These crude terms are simple and basic descriptions. Max along with James Casbolt, Matt Todd, Dave Marrow and others have been made available to the public as a warning mechanism to awaken the wider public as to what we are dealing with. To bring forth serious and alarming concepts. Casbolt was the first to fall, and is mentioned in detail at the end of this lecture Q&A. Max’s appearance is a personal trauma for him, and appears with extreme duress, as with his first public appearance at the Barge event.
Sarah has many positive and important observations to describe. The researcher should be careful with these public statements to observe with extreme care what is being said, and how it is said.

This meeting (behind the scenes) (with Sarah) was specifically arranged for Harald Kautz Vella to meet Sarah, who is claimed and observed to be an interface for Humanity’s earlier and Ancient “A-I” or Artificial Intelligence, which assimilated Humanity then, as the Alien and Trojan Horse A-I is Now doing to humanity, due to the treachery of those who now control Humanity. True Treason, with Treachery.
These ‘ super soldiers’ are in the public domain to alert and Wake Up Humanity.
Harald appeared earlier at the conference, having met Sarah, which he did under EXTREME Danger (From the massive Octo-form (spider) creatures, native to the alien Sentient Fluid AI deposited on earth 80,000 years ago. Harald was later to’ change’, and that is best left as said as nothing more. The concept of soul swapping out of human bodies with a nonhuman soul must be taken into account. Thus the term Skin Walker

Also featuring the ‘Active’ (Portal) art work of Lloyd Canning. (Large Extra Dimensional beings were observed during this presentation, by attendees and external observers, which used Canning’s art as portals, which Sarah alludes to in her observations of the art on stage)
Sarah is publishing her own blogs. Max also appeared on the Channel 4 pilot documentary with Miles Johnston, The Great UFO Conspiracy, which aired a few months (April 2015, More 4) before this appearance, (August 2nd 2015).

Recorded in front of an academic audience for television, and psychology specialists, with members of the public.
Sections previously available on YouTube by Anna Bragga.

Max Spiers in WarSaw — Livia Ether FLOW

Originally posted on Livia Flow: Max Spiers na II Konferencji Projektu Ziemia w kwietniu 2016 r. (pl, en) Wczesniejsze notki poswiecone Maxowi; RIP MAX SPIERS pod wpisem tym jest juz tak wiele komentarzy, ze proponuje kontynuowac tutaj kilka moich krotkich komentarzy odnosnie prezentacji Maxa: inne wpisy powiazane 22 July and crypto message from…

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The Portal: July Monthly Update Interview by Cobra

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Here is the July monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here:

You can submit your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here:

Victory of the Light!

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“Time Well Event” Downs Indian Military Plane As Russian Forces Go On High Alert

sorka faal

July 22, 2016

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A remarkable Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the 201st Motorized Rifle Division has been put on its highest alert after what appears to be a “Time Well event” occurring in the Trans-Alay Range of the Pamir Mountains that ejected what is believed to be an ancient “Vimāna”—and that in its accelerating towards Antarctica in the Southern Ocean, “captured in its path” an Indian Air Force (IAF) AN-32 transport aircraft that is now reported missing with all 29 aboard. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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