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Washington Post: Obama May Face Criminal Charges – Your News Wire

The Washington Post claim that people within the Obama administration could face criminal charges for unmasking names of Trump transition team members from surveillance of foreign officials. 

During an interview Wednesday with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, WaPo’s Bob Woodward argued that if information about Trump campaign officials being unmasked in wiretapped communications is true, it represents a “gross violation.”

“It is not what Trump said [about the wiretap], but apparently what has happened here is a couple of diplomats who can be legitimately wiretapped, were talking about meeting with Trump or people on his transition team — and of course you can learn all kinds of things from diplomats gossiping, because that is what occurs. Under the rules –and they’re pretty strict– you are supposed to, it is called minimization, you don’t name the American person who is being discussed.”

Source: Washington Post: Obama May Face Criminal Charges – Your News Wire


(GlobalResearch) Mainstream Media In Total Collapse Few any longer believe the “mainstream media,” that is, the presstitutes. This has put the presstitutes into a panic as they lose their value to the ruling elite if they cannot control the explanations in order to justify the self-serving agendas of the ruling elite. To fight back against…

…The Harvard Library website, perhaps in response to criticism, has now identified Melissa Zimdars as an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College.

The library distances itself from the list by declaring it to be “an informal list.” The library still has a link to Zimdars’ list of fake news websites, but the link opens to something else. Stephen Lendmanprovided a copy of Zimdars’ list on Global Research (Read Harvards Fake Guide To Fake News Sites. Americas 21st Century “Index Librorum Prohibitorum“). Notice that WikiLeaks is on Zimdars’ list, which shows Zimdars’ absurdity. WikiLeaks posts no commentary or news, only vetted documents. Here is Zimdars’ list:

  • 21st Century Wire
  • Activist Post
  • Before Its
  • Black Agenda Report
  • Boiling Frogs Post
  • Common Dreams
  • Consortium News
  • Corbett Report
  • Countercurrents
  • CounterPunch
  • David Stockman Contracorner
  • Fort Russ
  • Freedoms Phoenix
  • Global Research
  • The Greanville Post
  • Information Clearing House
  • Intellihub
  • Intrepid Report
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Market Oracle
  • Mint Press News
  • Moon of Alabama
  • Naked Capitalism
  • Natural News
  • Nomi Prins
  • Off-Guardian
  • Paul Craig Roberts
  • Rense
  • Rinf
  • Ron Paul Institute
  • Ruptly TV
  • Russia-Insider
  • Sgt Report
  • ShadowStats
  • Shift Frequency
  • – my alma mater (Harvard) recommends avoiding my writing; new articles posted daily; featuring truth-telling on major issues
  • Solari
  • South Front
  • Sputnik News
  • Strategic
  • The Anti-Media
  • The Duran
  • The Intercept
  • The People’s Voice
  • The Saker
  • The Sleuth Journal
  • Third World Traveler
  • Voltairenet
  • What Really Happened
  • Who What Why
  • WikiLeaks
  • Zero Hedge

via Dr Paul Craig Roberts: Mainstream Media In Total Collapse — Galactic Connection

American Corporate MSM Is Merged With CIA And Has Been Since The 1950s – Prepare for Change

Hat tip to Washington’s Blog for collating much of this information.

With the recent back and forth seemingly taking place between two different factions of the American Deep State and playing out before the entire country, a few alternative media outlets have begun to question whether or not certain mainstream media outlets are actually connected to the Deep State, most notably the CIA. With an unimaginable scale of disinformation being released and promoted throughout mainstream channels on a daily basis, all propagandizing the public to go along with the desired direction of the American establishment, few could assume otherwise. However, such connections between American mainstream outlets and the CIA are more than mere conjecture, they are well known and have been documented for some time.

For instance, back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Operation Mockingbird, a plan known to many researchers today but known to virtually no one at the time it was originally being implemented, was a secret CIA effort to influence and control the American media and, thus, to influence and control the information received (as well as the opinions) of the American people. The first report of the program came in 1979 in the biography of Katharine Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, written by Deborah Davis.[1]…


Source: American Corporate MSM Is Merged With CIA And Has Been Since The 1950s – Prepare for Change

The Next Level in Quantum Computing: Scientists Claim to Have Discovered “Time Crystals” | The Daily Sheeple



Scientists with Harvard University and the University of Maryland have both published papers in the scientific journal Nature claiming the existence of never before discovered “time crystals” — structures that pulse without requiring any energy:

They are also the first examples of a remarkable type of matter — a collection of quantum particles that constantly changes, and never reaches a steady state. These systems draw stability from random interactions that would normally disrupt other kinds of matter. “This is a new kind of order, one that was previously thought impossible. That’s extremely exciting,” says Vedika Khemani, part of the Harvard team and previously part of the group that originally theorized the existence of the new kind of state.

The research proves “atoms are aligned in time in a way that’s analogous to the physical structure of diamonds or ice” according to The Seeker:

In normal crystals — such as gemstones, snowflakes or salt — constituent atoms or molecules are arranged into highly ordered, repeating lattice structures in physical space.

In time crystals, however, atoms take on a repeating pattern in time, instead of space.

Time crystals were developed by zapping atoms with lasers to make them pulsate together — in a way similar to making the head of a drum vibrate when it is struck, or tapping Jell-O with a spoon to make it jiggle, according to one of the researchers involved in the discovery, Christopher Monroe of the University of Maryland.

How are they created? One team levitated electromagnetically trapped atoms in a vacuum chamber and shot them with lasers, while the other sent lasers and microwaves through a black diamond.

While time crystals currently have no known real-world applications, they may be very useful one day for building even more sophisticated quantum computers like the ones financially backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the Central Intelligence Agency’s investment arm In-Q-Tel.

Source: The Next Level in Quantum Computing: Scientists Claim to Have Discovered “Time Crystals” | The Daily Sheeple

Benjamin Fulford 3-6-17… “Desperate counter attack by Satanic mafia failing on all fronts as human liberation nears”

Kauilapele's Blog

benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_161New weekly report from Ben. Major “stuff” is happening, that’s for sure. This is why all of us are here, as Light players in this great Planetary play… the final act is going down, now.

“We are witnessing desperate attempts around the world by the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia to reverse recent defeats and remain in power. However, these efforts are failing on all fronts and more and more prominent Satanists are disappearing. The fiercest battles are raging in Washington DC where the Satanists are pushing “the Russians did it!” story to remove attorney General Jeff Sessions and prevent arrests of child killing politicians… Another sign that things have really begun to change is that legal action has now begun against the private sector prison slave camps being run in the US.

“Last week, Obama announced he was setting up an anti-Trump headquarters with adviser Valerie Jarret two miles from…

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CIA Paid $600 Million To WaPo To Publish Trump Disinformation – Your News Wire

Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, was awarded a $600 million federal contract by the Obama administration to publish disinformation about Donald Trump.The Amazon founder was tasked with undermining the new President via ‘leaked’ CIA documents given to him when he first took over at WaPo…

Source: CIA Paid $600 Million To WaPo To Publish Trump Disinformation – Your News Wire

The Mainstream Media’s Fake News About Fake News – Your News Wire

Western mainstream media’s anti-Russian propaganda links Moscow to the inundation of “fake news” on the web despite evidence suggesting otherwise. So, mainstream outlets like The New York Times among others make their cases with their own “fake news.”From Robert Parry:A grave danger from the Western mainstream media’s current hysteria about “fake news” is that the definition gets broadened from the few made-up stories that are demonstrably false – often fabricated by kids to get more clicks – to include reasonable disputes about the facts of a complex controversy…

Source: The Mainstream Media’s Fake News About Fake News – Your News Wire