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Hillary Clinton “Hypocrisy Overload” Stuns Europe As Putin Prepares For Nuclear War Evacuation From Moscow

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A compelling new Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) report circulating in the Kremlin today detailing the extraordinary drills conducted over Moscow yesterday by the Federal Protective Service (FSO) to evacuate President Putin in anticipati..


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-19-18… “Archcriminal Netanyahu seeks immunity by squealing on his bosses”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. “Mass-murdering war criminal and Satan-worshiping Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to reach a plea deal to save his own life by squealing on his Rothschild masters, Mossad sources say…


Hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of gold now available to help planet

This Saturday a delegation from the White Dragon Society, including this writer, will be heading to Bougainville in the Solomon Islands to meet with King David Peii II to discuss how to reopen the Panguna mine, which contains about $170 trillion worth of gold and copper. Furthermore, there are six other mine sites under the control of King David and his people on the Island meaning that many hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of metal can be made available to benefit the people and living creatures of the planet earth.

The total amount of money the OECD spent on development in 2016 was $142.6 billion, so if even a small fraction of the wealth of just one of the six sites was used, there would be at least 10 times more money available to help the poor and protect the environment than is now being spent.

The Panguna mine was developed by the Rothschild controlled firm Rio Tinto. However locals, angered at the pollution caused by the mine, as was at the lousy treatment they were accorded by the mine’s owners, seized control after a long war of resistance. Representatives of King David also claim the Rothschild owners of the mine were contemplating destroying the entire island in order to extract its mineral wealth. You can be sure, based on their track record, the Rothschilds were not planning to spend the money they hoped to earn from this to help the planet.

Representatives of Rio Tinto did not respond to multiple WDS attempts to contact them. If an agreement is not reached with the Rothschilds, the WDS will, if necessary, use as much weight of the world’s military as needed to help King David make the gold and other metals available, in an environmentally friendly manner, for the benefit of the planet. One idea is to use mine tailings as landfill in order to create new land for living creatures so that the overall impact of the mining on the island will be to create more space for living creatures than existed before. The WDS will report more on the situation after a June 10-14th visit to the Island.

In any case, the Khazarian mafia has been suffering a stunning series of defeats in recent months as their planetary control grid collapses in increasingly visible ways.

Most importantly, but in a manner still hidden from most of the world, the Khazarians are running out of gold and most of the world no longer accepts their paper, which is not backed by anything but a rapidly evaporating group mind control mechanism.
Khazarian attempts to get gold in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia are all being stonewalled, multiple sources agree.

Last week representatives from Citibank and US Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph Donovan promised Indonesian President Joko Widodo they would wipe out all of Indonesia’s external debt in exchange for 12,500 tons of gold but they left empty handed, WDS sources in Indonesia say.

The WDS sources add: “The Sultan of Johor, West Malaysia is involved in the attempt to extort the gold from Jakarta. He is claiming that the gold belongs to…

Source: Hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of gold now available to help planet


Published on 11 May 2017

Will gold save the day and prevent growing geopolitical tensions from spinning out of control?

Also, what’s the future of the European Union? Centrist Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election, defeating far-right anti-EU candidate Marine Le Pen. Some were saying if Le Pen would have won, that could spell the end of the EU. Jim Willie says now that Macron has won, the EU may be safe…for a few months.

In addition, Jim Willie answers the following viewers’ questions

– psionin, “Jim Willie mentioned a few times that buying a large amount of gold necessitates the paying of high premiums over spot price, with the final price being over 2K USD per ounce. What prevents one in such a position from placing the order on the COMEX or LBMA and taking delivery?”

– larryik1211, “When Major banks start to Default do you see JP MORGAN push to re-value Silver upwards to use their SILVER stockpile as leverage to buy up and consolidate all the other bankrupt entities?”

– Mikey Riley, “In regard to COMEX activities, why would the ‘small specs’ continue to be washed and rinsed by the large commercials? Don’t they ever learn? How do those hedge funds stay in business? I thought the COMEX would be deemed irrelevant by now due to the obvious rigging.”

– Cole Wheeler, “What does the bankruptcy of Puerto Rico mean for the rest of USA inc.?”

– Craig Butterfield, “Will the collapse of the petro dollar, abolish the federal reserve and their suppression of metal prices?”




Morrissey: Marine Le Pen “Has Won” – Lying Media Will Never Admit It

British singer Morrissey claims Marine Le Pen has won, but media is covering it up

Morrissey has issued a scathing attack at the mainstream media, accusing them of covering up an obvious Marine Le Pen victory.

Morrissey issued a statement about this week’s presidential election debate in France, saying that Marine Le Pen not only “easily won” the contest against Rothschild candidate Emmanuel Macron – but put herself on the road to victory.

According to The Smiths frontman, mainstream news outlets cannot be trusted to tell the truth, and will do everything they possibly can to try and ensure Le Pen loses the election this weekend, despite her soaring popularity.

Posting a statement via his keyboardist Gustavo Manzur’s Facebook page, Morrissey wrote:

“Last night Marine Le Pen easily won the French Election debate. Today both the BBC and CNN say Macron won the debate. This is precisely the reason why mainstream news media outlets cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Their private agendas are more important than facts, reality, or their duty to the people.”

Last year, the outspoken singer declared that Brexit was a “magnificent” result for ordinary British citizens, and a huge “slap in the face” for the New World Order…


Auditor Calls For French Government To Issue Macron Warrant

A senior auditor has recommended that the French government immediately issue a warrant over the Emmanuel Macron tax evasion scam.

The auditor, who works for one of the Big Three accounting firms, says that after looking at the leaked Macron documents released this week, he has found evidence that confirms the documents are real.

The auditor has asked the French government to immediately issue a warrant to investigate the presidential candidate for what he says are confirmed instances of fraud and tax evasion. reports:

La Providence LLC Operating Agreement

Macron’s Signature

Starting from the beginning of this structure, the LLC Operating Agreement creates the parent company and it contains Macron’s signature…

Source: Auditor Calls For French Government To Issue Macron Warrant

France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges | Zero Hedge

After 9 gigabytes of Macron-linked documents and emails were released on an anonymous pastebin website on Friday afternoon in what Macron’s campaign said was a “massive and coordinated” hacking attack, France – fearing a similar response to what happened with Hillary Clinton after 35,000 John Podesta emails were released one month before the US presidential election – cracked down on the distribution of the files, warning on Saturday it would be a “criminal offense” to republish the data, and warning the French media not to publish content from any of the hacked emails “to prevent the outcome of the vote being influenced.”

Quoted by Reuters, the French election commission said in a statement that “on the eve of the most important election for our institutions, the commission calls on everyone present on internet sites and social networks, primarily the media, but also all citizens, to show responsibility and not to pass on this content, so as not to distort the sincerity of the ballot.” Following a rushed meeting on Saturday morning, the commission which supervises the electoral process, said that the data been “fraudulently obtained and could be mixed with false information.” It is unclear, however, how it hopes to enforce any punitive claims, especially when much of the initial document distribution appears to have taken place offshore.

Domestically, in a similar reaction to the US media’s response to the Podesta emails, French TV news channels chose not to mention the hack, although the left-leading Liberation prominently featured the news on its website. Liberation author Cedric Mathiot wrote that the leak, and its timing, “wants to create chaos” adding that the information was distributed in an “unethical method.”

On Friday night, as news of what has been hashtagged as @MacronLeaks on twitter spread, Florian Philippot, deputy leader of the National Front, tweeted “Will Macronleaks teach us something that investigative journalism has deliberately kept silent?” In a tweeted response, Macron spokesman Sylvain Fort called Philippot’s tweet “vile”…

Source: France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges | Zero Hedge

Macron Says He Is Victim Of “Massive, Coordinated” Hack After 9 Gigabytes Of Private Documents Released | Zero Hedge


Screenshot of image showing the alleged Macron signature on the operating agreement

As reported overnight, the anonymous source of documents alleging Emmanuel Macron’s involvement with an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis returned to release several high quality images of the purported documents along with promises to release even more documents and identify account locations and the extent of the assets Macron is supposedly hiding from regulatory authorities.

The leaker noted that Macron’s assets were not located in the Bahamas as was been reported by some media outlets, but in the Cayman Islands, another known hotspot for tax evasion. They further stated that they were taking measures to conceal their identity because they are located in the European Union and did not wish to be arrested. The leaker also explained that they were one of a small group of individuals working online with a source in the Cayman Islands to expose the leaked information. They claimed that they were in possession of SWIFTNet logs dating back for several months, and would soon not only know where Mr. Macron’s alleged accounts are located but also the “extent of the money he is hiding from [France’s] government.”

Then, earlier today, this is precisely what happened when 4chan released several gigabytes of email archives and files related to Macron. It was enough to attract Wikileaks’ attention.

Source: Macron Says He Is Victim Of “Massive, Coordinated” Hack After 9 Gigabytes Of Private Documents Released | Zero Hedge

French voters are most polarized in Europe ahead of key presidential runoff – poll — RT News

One in every five French voters have either far-right or far-left political views – the largest across the EU – which leaves French society utterly polarized and divided against the backdrop of a presidential runoff scheduled for this weekend, a new survey has found.

With just days to go until the presidential election runoff between Marin le Pen of the National Front and the liberal centrist Emmanuel Macron, political divisions among French voters appear to be deeper than anywhere across the European Union, according to the latest poll by the German-based Bertelsmann Foundation.

The poll found that every fifth Frenchman had extreme views, with 14 percent having far-right leanings and 6 percent describing themselves as far-left, compared to just 7 percent across the EU.

Some 35 percent of French respondents were “centrist,” as compared to 62 percent of such voters in the bloc.

The Bertelsmann survey comes days before the presidential runoff between le Pen and Macron scheduled for this Sunday.

Issues of Islam and French national identity dominated the heated exchange between the two presidential candidates on Wednesday. Macron maintains that Le Pen still represents “the party of hatred,” while Le Pen claims that Islamic fundamentalism is a “mortal danger” for France. She accused Macron of having an “indulgent attitude” towards Islamic extremism, while he accused Le Pen of dividing France and stoking “civil war”.

Macron, a former investment banker who has served as France’s economy minister, describes himself as a man having left and progressive views on social issues, but more liberal and pro-business when it comes to trade and entrepreneurship.

Le Pen, who leads the right-wing National Front, did much to clear the party of an uneasy past plagued by the legacy of French collaborationism. Her program advocates curbs on immigration, tougher policies on crime and vows to eradicate radical Islamism…

Source: French voters are most polarized in Europe ahead of key presidential runoff – poll — RT News

Thousands Of German Troops Prepare To Enter France As EU Civil War Looms

May 4, 2017 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An alarming Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today detailing the extended session of the Defence Ministry Board states that German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has arrived in France just days prior to the 7 May presidential election in order to prepare up to 10,000 German Army (HEER) troops entering into this European Union (EU) nation in order to help  “reestablish normal public order” as fears rise that a continent-wide civil war against ruling elites may be looming.  [Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

The Same As It Ever Was

According to this report, in 2010, for the first time since the ending of World War II in 1945, German military troops became officially stationed in France—and where Defense Minster von der Leven has been rushed to in order to quell a right-wing uprising among her German Army’s officer corps battling against the Islamification of Europe, thus causing her to put on alert for “immediate combat deployment” her nations Division Schnelle Kräfte (Rapid Forces Division).

With up to 10,000 of these Division Schnelle Kräfte troops now being prepared to enter into France, this report continues, the greatest fears among the ruling EU elites is that no matter how this Sunday’s vote turns out, massive riots will erupt all across this embattled nation—with no one knowing which side the French Foreign Legion will take sides with as this military organization does not swear allegiance to France.

Source: Thousands Of German Troops Prepare To Enter France As EU Civil War Looms

Le Pen Slams Macron: ‘France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs Merkel’ » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen delivered a harsh blow to opponent Emmanuel Macron during a televised presidential debate Wednesday.

Le Pen criticized Macron for meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and vowing to blindly follow the same globalist policies.

“You went to see Mrs. Merkel, you went to ask for her blessing because you plan to do nothing without her agreement…” Le Pen said.

Macron, who seemed to agree with the assessment, argued in response that he wants “France to measure up to Germany.”

Casting Macron as Merkel’s puppet, Le Pen boldly told French voters that their country would be led by a woman no matter what: either herself or Merkel.

“France will be led by a woman. It will be me or Mrs. Merkel,” Le Pen quipped. “That’s the truth.”…

Source: Le Pen Slams Macron: ‘France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs Merkel’ » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Leaked Documents Expose Macron Secret Tax Evasion Scheme – Your News Wire

Once a Rothschild banker, always a Rothschild banker. Documents leaked online Tuesday reveal French presidential candidate Emmanuelle Macron lied to the French people about his financial affairs.

The documents reveal the supposedly squeaky clean Macron has secret financial ties with notorious financial institutions operating in tax havens and may be engaging in tax evasion.

Less than a month ago Macron promised voters he is not concealing assets or holding secret offshore accounts.

The first document is an operating agreement drawn up on May 4th, 2012 to form “La Providence LLC” under the 1995 Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance. It bears Macron’s name and signature. La Providence is the name of Macron’s former high school in Amiens, where he first met his wife…

Source: Leaked Documents Expose Macron Secret Tax Evasion Scheme – Your News Wire

Le Pen Names Nationalist As Prime Minister In Last Minute Bid To Boost Votes | Zero Hedge

With one week to go until the runoff round in the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen – materially lagging her rival Macron according to daily polls – on Saturday chose defeated first-round candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan as her prime minister, in a last-minute attempt to court his voters and help her defeat her opponent.

“As President of the Republic I will name Nicolas Dupont-Aignan Prime Minister, supported by a presidential majority and united by the national interest,” she told a news conference in Paris at which the two politicians sat together.

“We will form a government of national unity that brings together people chosen for their competence and their love of France,” Le Pen told a Paris news conference, sitting side-by-side with her choice for premier.

According to Reuters, Dupont-Aignan is a nationalist whose protectionist economic policies are close to those of the National Front’s Le Pen and who, like her, is urging a reduction in the powers of EU institutions. In the first round, Dupont-Aignan received 4.7%, or roughly 1.7 million votes, and on Friday announced that he was backing Le Pen for the decisive May 7 second round.

Macron quickly denounced the alliance of Marine Le Pen with Dupont-Aignan a “trick,” to boost Le Pen’s credibility and address Dupont-Aignan’s financing issues, according to Agence France-Presse.  The alliance “seems to be a party trick destined to address Marine Le Pen’s credibility issues, as she has no team around her, and Mr. Dupont-Aignan’s financing issues. It’s no more than that and it’s not serious.”…

Source: Le Pen Names Nationalist As Prime Minister In Last Minute Bid To Boost Votes | Zero Hedge

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: IMF Discusses On Dollar Death and Pop Reduction


They will be replaced by those from Africa – Muslims Refugees.

The IMF held it’s annual spring Meeting in Washington DC over the weekend and had the Audacity in this Bastion of NAZI Liberalism to discuss the down fall of the entire US Economic System and replace it with pure Chaos.

For those who have ears to hear it was clear as a bell.

Each profession has it’s own language and interpreting what someone says is often difficult if you do not understand their internal language.

For Example:

1) US Army: Get Proactive & Recon Macy’s

2) Your Wife: Lets go shopping


A kiss from my Godfathers in the Gambino’s means death while a kiss from the Head of the Russian Church is like shaking hands and saying hello.

This language the IMF uses is the same as the UN and Lucis Trust and that has taken me years to learn.

For those who are trained to hear what they really said this weekend we clearly understood there was a central theme they stated over and over again:

The IMF discussed the Death of the Dollar and the mass killing of people world wide to bring the world down to a “Manageable Population.”

The primary speaker they used was Chris LaGard – A Male Cross Dresser – look at her Adams Apple.

Women do not have Adams Apples.

On thing they hid very well is that the President of the IMF is Chinese.

Please keep in mind that the IMF,  United State Corporation, Chinese Central Band, Bank of Russia, Russian Federated Republic – all are owned by the Rothchilds Banking System

The Rothchilds Banking System is actually the Bauery Boys Banking System and is owned by Deutsche Bank, which is owned by the Vatican Trust, which is owned by the Vatican…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: IMF Discusses On Dollar Death and Pop Reduction

French Embrace Rothschild Status Quo

(Macron married his highschool teacher, the victim of a facelift mishap, 24 years his senior. 

There are rumors he is a homosexual)

A Rothschild frontman seems poised to 
become the Next President of France.
The French seem to have embraced
national suicide. False flag terror
does not appear to have been an issue.
Source — Originally appeared at Vzglyad; Appeared in Bulgarian at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront
(Abridged by 
Emmanuel Macron, the photogenic 39-years-old financier with an amazing career became the leader of the presidential race in France with 23.8% of the vote, followed by Marine Le Pen with 21.7%. According to opinion polls, he will reach the second round with Marine Le Pen, where he will win 66 percent of the votes.
Emmanuel Macron … has no real political experience. He has not been elected anywhere before….He is an investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions and was successful in his career. He graduated from the National School of Administration, a leading university for the French elite. He worked for several years as an inspector at the Ministry of Economy. Then in 2007, a crucial year in his career, the promising 29-year-old economist was groomed by [Rothschild’s Jewish lickspittle] Jacques Attali.


Jacques Attali (left) is a philosopher-globalist, a writer of colorful utopias of how all nations and states will disappear from the face of the earth during bloody conflicts, and the survivors of humanity will unite under the banner of democracy and under the control of a World Government. Moreover, for many years Attali was well received at the Elysee Palace and is one of the most influential advisers of generations of French presidents, from François Mitterrand to Francois Hollande. Local media, calling him “the true president of France” is hardly exaggerating.
It is Jacques Attali who created the link between financial capital and the elite of the ruling Socialist Party, which he supports. He is exceptional in his ability to skillfully wrap the predatory plans of the bankers in beautiful leftist slogans.
In 2008, the Attali Commission presented to President Nicolas Sarkozy “300 proposals to change France” – a plan for modernization of the economy meant to save it from the long years of stagnation. The main idea can be formulated as follows: to avoid losing its competitiveness in the global market, the country must drastically reduce the cost of labor. One way for this to happen is to increase immigration to France; low-paid recent immigrants, who will not be able to get organized in trade unions, will displace the local workers from manufacturing and services. Also, the plan includes the proposal to drastically reduce government spending on health, education and pension provision. Sarkozy did not dare to accept this radical plan…

Source: French Embrace Rothschild Status Quo | Strange

French election: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen through to second round, estimates show – live | David Icke

Emmanuel Macron of the centrist En Marche! movement and Marine Le Pen of the National Front have advanced to the second round of the presidential elections in France, preliminary Interior Ministry data shows.

WATCH RT’s special coverage of the first round of France’s presidential election


Macron won 23.75 percent of the votes, while his rival Le Pen got 21.53 percent, the Interior Ministry final figured showed, as cited by Reuters.

Republican Francois Fillon and independent leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon got 19.91 percent and 19.64 percent, respectively…

Source: French election: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen through to second round, estimates show – live | David Icke