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– Ascension Energy Wave/Blast/Cosmic Rays/Charged Particles/Vibrations.

SaLuSa 19 June 2015 Dear Ones s

8th September 2017. Mike Quinsey. Dear Ones do not be influenced by the outer signs of turmoil and ongoing problems that seem to be endless and show no signs of coming to a conclusion…



David Wilcock FB Update 9-8-17… “The events we are seeing are part of an overall energetic increase in our solar system”

I’m lying on my side right now, but felt this one wanted to be posted right away. I may highlight later. Everything I have spent my life studying and teaching is now very obviously coming to a head in what we are now seeing…


Supernatural Event Coming Soon! » The Event Chronicle

By Gregg Prescott, M.S.

As a visionary, I receive messages through my dreams, 3rd eye, and often times, directly from Source. In the past, I’ve spoken about a dream where I saw 3 massive tidal waves that will arrive which are basically waves of transformational energy, not water.  It’s not a catastrophic event but one of transformation.

In a 3rd eye vision, I saw (what looked like) myself standing in front of me while a huge wave of white light floods the planet.  When that happens, the only thing you’ll feel is unconditional love magnified more than anything you’ve ever felt before.  ALL 3rd dimensional worries, such as money, politics, relationship issues, etc… will be completely gone.

My guides have been telling me to pass on the information that we all should be focusing on keeping our vibration high while emphasizing the importance of grounding yourself as often as possible.  As we’ve been noticing, those who are not grounded are literally “losing it”…

Source: Supernatural Event Coming Soon! » The Event Chronicle