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Preparing for Disclosure & Solar Flash Events – Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves

What follows are the key elements in Corey Goode’s two presentations at the Cosmic Waves seminar in Kealakekua, Hawaii on April 9 and 11…


Trump Checkmates “Deep State” With “Assange Gambit”—Hillary Now Knows It’s “Not If, But When”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers An intriguing new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today using the same chess game metaphor used by Wikileaks leader Julian Assange on 12 January 2018 when he “accepted an offer” made to him by President Donal..


Weekly News Recap by Luke Rudkowski — Seth Rich Conspiracy Unraveling, As Trump Russia Face Off Again

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Lawyers in DNC Fraud lawsuit ask judge to grant protection #sethrich #DNCFraudLawsuit

View on YouTube Lawyers in DNC Fraud lawsuit ask judge to grant protection #sethrich #DNCFraudLawsuit
The attorneys in the DNC lawsuit have received threats, and they are asking for protection from the courts due to the suspicious deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, and Beranton Whisenant. They believe Seth Rich was to be a witness.

Beck, the attorney, said in the video: “After much consideration and deliberation, we have concluded that it is time to bring these concerns to the court’s attention. Today we filed a motion asking judge William Zloch to provide protection of the plaintiffs, their counsel and their families, as well as all of the witnesses in the DNC Fraud lawsuit. In support of this motion, we have cited the following events: the untimely death of our process server Shawn Lucas, the unsolved murder of DNC employee Seth Rich.”

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(130) Breaking! Important Seth Rich Update- Help Spread!

Published on 29 May 2017

Details continue to emerge pointing to the fact that DNC staffer Seth Rich was the source of the Wikileaks emails which exposed Hillary Clinton, her campaign manager John Podesta and other DC insiders. We now know that Huffington Post has pulled an article which not only demonstrates the degree to which the Liberal Left is willing to go to censor and silence truth seekers and fellow innocent Americans but it (the article and video posted on debunks the fake news “Russia” ongoing narrative being played by the Liberal Left as a strategy to draw people’s attention away from the horrific truth revealed in the John Podesta emails.

Help spread this information so we can counter the mainstream media lies and deceit as they attempt to draw people’s attention from investigating the Seth Rich murder.…………

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Seth Rich Was Huma Abedin’s Liasion to Leak Clinton Emails After She Was Blackmailed by Anonymous. Huma was the leak!

I know the Seth Rich murder has been covered ad naseum. So I’m gonna make this brief and to the point.

I just wanted to point out a couple things that I saw reported back when it happened that I havent heard a word about since.

In August of 2016 I was browsing through a 4chan forum and I took this screenshot of a conversation (screenshot below) where Anonymous was claiming that they had hacked into Huma Abedin’s personal computer and had intercepted Huma in real time, sending the Saudis a compromising video that she had taken of Hillary. It is not stated what exactly was on the video but my guess is that it probably had something to do with the sexual abuse of a minor.

(Apparently Angela Merkel was also in one of the “compromising videos” with Hillary. God only knows what it shows them doing.)

Huma Abedin’s family is in Saudi Arabia and this is where her loyalty lies.

Anonymous confronted Huma and faced with the threat of being exposed, she agreed to give them info (the emails that were later printed by Wikileaks) if they agreed to keep quiet about what they found her doing.

According to Anonymous, Huma told them that she would give them the info they’d asked for via an insider…a liasion.

Guess who that liasion was? SETH RICH!!

Now does it make sense why they are trying to confuse this story?


Anonymous then gave the emails to Wikileaks to publish.

Here is that screenshot from 4chan. This was big news back then in forums like 4Chan and GLP…but it never seemed to reach any of the mainstream alternative sites and it seems to have been forgotten about since…



Source: Seth Rich Was Huma Abedin’s Liasion to Leak Clinton Emails After She Was Blackmailed by Anonymous. Huma was the leak! | Alternative