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Kp Message 6-20-19… “One Year Ago (6-19-18) something Miraculous Happened”

Today (6-19-19) I stopped at the EMT station near Hapuna Beach, whose people picked me off the beach and took me to the hospital after a near-drowning I experienced. I described it earlier here, and here. I went there to thank them again for their EMT help on that day…


Holy Crap!! 190413 1709 HST… Just had a 5.2 earthquake… The Map

. Okay, here’s the map I just got from This was a very major shaking, which we haven’t experienced here since maybe 10 years ago. I do have the “sense” that this was related to the Cosmic Waves event completing!!..


Eyewitness Account of Geothermal Drilling & Hawaii Volcanic Eruptions

In this two part video series, Aurora Garcia reveals her first hand witness testimony about the history of geothermal drilling on the Big Island of Hawaii, and its relationship to the disastrous lava outbreak that began impacting the lower Puna region in May 2018…


Was a Space Based Weapons Platform Used Against Hawaii bound Ballistic Missile?

On January 30, the Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, gave a press conference about the result of an official investigation into the January 13 ballistic missile alert that was an alleged false alarm…


Business Insider 3-9-17… “Tesla is powering the Hawaiian island of Kauai with more than 54,000 solar panels and its giant battery packs”

Kauilapele's Blog

Tesla solar array on Ta’u Island, American Samoa I see this as potentially a great idea for the smaller islands (including possibly Big Island). The comment I made on the video (at end) was “a great place for these would be on the west side (Kekaha). And particularly many of us on the islands would like to see these REPLACE all of the GMO test fields (that spray pesticides near populated town of Kekaha)”. I liked that comment (in all humility).

There’s absolutely no reason the islands should not be completely energy self-sufficient. Eventually we’ll have the “free energy” (overunity) devices which use zero acreage and power each home, independently.

We’ll see where this goes.

“Tesla will power the Hawaiian island of Kauai with solar panels and its giant battery packs… The solar farm is composed of 54,978 solar panels with 13 megawatts of solar generation capacity. Tesla has also…

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